Women, We Always Win 2017



This is the quote for the year, “Women, We Always Win”! No matter what the trial, challenge, or test “We Will Always Win”! Out with the old, in with a new year of greater possibilities! I feel the wind of change in the atmosphere. Women, we know how to clean house, right? So start doing what we do to get the job done. God is shifting everything in your life and His favor is opening up the avenues of success. Prepare yourself as a bride prepares for her groom, because “Women, we are a force to be reckoned with.

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Remembering Renee Butterfly Mixon


During the month of March our country takes the time to recognize the accomplishments of great women. The contributions of these marvelous women are in the area of education, our justice system and other career professions. We recognize women such as Condoleezza Rice who was the first black woman to serve as the first National Security Advisor and the Secretary of State for our country from 2005 to 2009. We also recognized the accomplishments of Sonia Sotomayor who became the first Latino American Supreme Court Judge after being nominated by former President Barak Obama in May 26, 2009. Finally there is the accomplishment of Misty Copeland who became the first Black American female Principal Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. However, the one important woman who I would like celebrate during this woman month is my sister Renee Butterfly Mixon.

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Remembering My Nana

Sunday, during our morning worship, our Pastor, in the midst of her sermon/teaching, began to sing old spirituals; hymns that go back generations, and that we probably heard when we were children.  As I sat there listening and joining in when I knew the words, I was taken back to weekends with my grandmother, Nana. March is Women History month and it provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the famous and not so famous, the highly loved, extraordinary women in our life, like my Nana.



Nana, a little woman who stood under five feet in the natural, but was a giant to those who knew and loved her. Nana, who was as wise as Solomon with a third grade education from a one room schoolhouse in South Carolina. She was physically, mentally and spiritually strong.  Nana carried many scars from life- from growing up in SC, living as a young adult in Georgia, and making the great migration north to NY with her children in tow.  She was strong because of faith! I only remember seeing my Nana reading one book, a small print King James Bible. One with all the thee, thou and thine and she understood every word.

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