A Mother’s Love


On Mother’s Day, we celebrate and honor mothers that are in our lives. As I think about my own mother, I know she is in Heaven and also in my heart. There so many memories that I have of her, but there are three that remind me of how much she loved me. The first memory I have of her is how she would take me and my sister for walks throughout our neighborhood. One walk we took was to the library where she introduced me and my sister to the world of books and why it was important for us to read. A second memory that I have of my mother was how she got up every morning to get me and my sister ready for school. After she got us ready for school, she then got herself ready to go work. We did not have a car so she took the time to walk us to school and then she got on the bus and then went to work at her job. My mother always demonstrated to me and my sister that having a strong work ethic was important and the person who had it good things would come to them.

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Liquid Prayers


Several years ago I went to a prayer conference which was held in Rockaway, New Jersey. The conference was from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM where people from various churches gathered together to cry out to the Lord with one heart. The conference was filled with intimate worship, the ministry of the word and a whole lot of intense prayer. The people there prayed in their understanding and they also prayed in their heavenly language. Also, people who had never received the baptism of Holy Spirit were filled and those who already had the Spirit received a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 14:15). There was also a season of crying out before God in repentance asking the Father to break our hearts with the things that burden His heart. After having a time of repentance, we transition into praying for our loved ones and family members who did not know the Lord to become saved. Finally, after spending time praying for them the Spirit of God moved upon the prayer facilitator to have the congregation, those in the outflow rooms and watching online to cry out for our children. As I prayed for my daughter who was there along with my wife, I experienced the Lord bring me into a deeper level of intercession while praying for my princess.

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Tell Your Story

All of us have testimonies that we can share with others about what the Lord has done for us in our lives. One testimony or story that I would like to share with you how the Lord, kept me from being stranded in another state for hours. It was during the Christmas holiday that I was traveling back home to New York after spending Christmas with my family in Detroit, Michigan. Back in those days I would travel from Michigan to New York by Greyhound Bus which the trip to about almost twenty-one hours.

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