In our time of today, we see more barriers being set up and used in our country. There are companies that make barriers that can be seen physically and electronic ones that cannot be seen with the naked eye. There are barriers set up at our college universities, private, and public schools to keep our students safe while attending classes. When we are traveling on roads such as expressways and local streets we might see barriers set up because of repair work that workers are doing on the road. If these road barriers are not set up on the roads to repair them, the drivers who drive on them could endanger of damaging their vehicles or worst losing their lives.  We also see barriers set up in front of sports arenas, large financial institutions, and, government buildings. The barriers that are put in these places are for the purpose of security and safety of the people who come to them. The barriers at these places help to prevent some possible attacks from people who wish to cause harm to the buildings and those in attendance.

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There was a story about a man who was traveling down a path that was very close to the edge of a steep cliff. As the man drew closer to the edge of the cliff, he underestimated the end of the ledge of the cliff and fell off it nearly costing him his life. As he fell from the cliff, he was able to grab hold of a large branch which kept him from one hundred feet to his possible death. The branch that the man hung from was not close enough for him to get back to the top of the ledge he had fallen from. The branch was also too still high for the man to reach the bottom of the cliff safely without him hurting himself severely or possibly costing him his life.

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Back in early 2000, Amtrak launched a program on their trains called the quiet car train program. Their program involved having either their first or last train car designated as a quiet car. The quiet car would allow passengers to have a quiet and relaxing atmosphere as they traveled to and from work during the morning and evening peak hours. Part of the requirements for passengers to ride in the quiet car was they were asked to have their cell phones turned off. Those on the quiet car also had to disable all electronic devices and any conversations would be kept to a minimum between two parties speaking in a low voice. If a person wanted to listen to music on their headphones the volume needed to be at a point that no one could hear the music but the person themself. Any person not willing to comply with these requirements on the quiet car could be given a verbal request to abide by the rules or the person could be requested to sit in another part of the train.

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