You’re Kingdom Benefits


Over the last few months, I had been searching online to find a new job. My current job at the time, I had been with them for over seven years so I had been out of the job market for a very long time. I was trying my best to stay in the same industry that I had worked for long but I had to keep my options open in going into a new career field. Based upon what I was currently making at the time, my search for a new job would have to provide me the option of either making more money or at least match my current salary I was making at the time. The companies I would apply for would also have to be able to provide opportunities for advancement, growth, and adding value to their companies. However, the most important thing that the new perspective company had to be willing to provide a new hire was a permanent, fulltime salary, and benefits.

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Putting God First


All of us at some point have been in a place with our finances when there were more bills on the table then what we had in our bank accounts. The bills that we have are not from a point because we have made bad financial decisions. The bill statements that we receive in the mail from companies that we owe are not because we acted irresponsibly by living beyond our means. Our financial challenges may not be from because we mismanaged our money spending it on things that gave temporary pleasure for the moment. However, the weekly, biweekly or monthly expenses that we have to pay all come from our regular household budget. Each day we turn on the news and learn that the items that we paid for yesterday will increase in price because of the increase in the cost of living. The price for food, gas, and clothes for our children all increase while our paychecks stay the same.

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What’s in your wallet?


All of us at some point have seen the Capital One commercial on television that promotes their Capital One credit cards. During the NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament, Capital One promotes their credit cards using such celebrities as Samuel L Jackson, Spike Lee and Charles Barkley. In the commercial, the three men share a comedic experience together while at the same time highlighting the benefit of having a Capital One credit card. As the commercial comes to a conclusion, one of the three men featured in the commercial turns to us who have viewed the commercial asking the question of what’s in your wallet. The purpose of the question is supposed to cause the viewer at some point to evaluate what type of credit card they own and to see if their card truly measures up to a Capital One credit card. If the person doesn’t have a credit card, Capital One hopes to promote their card to the audience that their card is the one that a consumer should have in their wallet.

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