Leave No Man Behind

Sixteen years ago there was a movie called Black Hawk Down which was about our US military involvement and conflict in a country called Somalia back in October 1993. Their presence in the country was supposed to be a peacekeeping mission to provide aid to the people of Somalia who had been affected by the genocidal war in their country.

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My grandmother on my mother’s side of the family was my first introduction to going to church on Sunday mornings. When she took me to church I listen to the choir sing and the preacher preach his sermon to the congregation. On some Sunday services when offering was being taken the organist and the choir would sing a song called I’m going home on the morning train. After the people gave their offering, the ushers march around the aisles in a line as they put on a show marching together putting their offering in the collection plate. Now on my father side of the family, my grandmother not only brought me to church but she was my first introduction to me having a relationship with Jesus.

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Getting the Salt out of the Shaker


A few weeks ago on Face book, I watched a video clip on how several of the Detroit Public Schools had poor environmental issues that teachers and students had to learn in during school hours. In one Detroit Public School, the condition of the school had water leakage from its ceiling, an unsafe playground and damaged walls, doors and railing. As a result of these poor conditions in these schools the students and the teacher’s health were being affected by these hazard conditions.

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