People in our world today are very passionate about different things in their life. There are sports fans who are passionate about their favorite sports team wanting to see them win over the opposing team. These fans will also wear their team’s jersey or even go so far in painting parts of their body the team colors. However, what I have also seen is fans of sports teams is to allow their passion for their teams to be become misguided in hurtful ways. A group of fans maybe in the stands harassing the person in the next row because he is wearing the opposing team’s laundry. The combination of these men being ultra-competitive and having too much alcohol can cause an unnecessary confrontation and the person wearing the opposing team’s jersey assaulted and hospitalized.

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Tell Your Story

All of us have testimonies that we can share with others about what the Lord has done for us in our lives. One testimony or story that I would like to share with you how the Lord, kept me from being stranded in another state for hours. It was during the Christmas holiday that I was traveling back home to New York after spending Christmas with my family in Detroit, Michigan. Back in those days I would travel from Michigan to New York by Greyhound Bus which the trip to about almost twenty-one hours.

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