The Unattended Gates


Growing up as a young boy I lived on the east side of Detroit which was on East Warren and Bewick Street. As you walked down the beginning of my street, to the right side of the block you would see a sign which told a person our block was patrolled by a neighborhood watch group. A neighborhood watch was a group of men who came together on behalf of the neighborhood to monitor and take care of their community. These men were ordinary people who had regular jobs during the day but in the evening they would patrol the local streets until everyone when into their homes at night. Back then there was no such thing as people hanging out late at night because when the street lights came on all the kids and parents made their way into the house. You would sometimes see the men riding around in their vehicles, helping to prevent fights among the kids, or contacting the local police when someone was in of life-threatening situation. The men who were a part of the neighborhood watch were not a part of law enforcement but they believed that their presence represented to potential evil-doers that no type of crime, drugs or the burglary of homes would be permitted in their community.

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Pouring out your soul


Now in the Hebrew language, one of the names of God that the word commands us to acknowledge the Father by is called Elohim. The name Elohim means “that the Lord is the Creator of all things”. The Lord God created Heaven and the Earth, He created man, and He breathed into him the breath of life. When the Lord breathed His Spirit into the man, the word of God says that man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7).

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Lord Teach us to Pray


Now when the Lord had his times of prayer with the Father, the word of God described His places of prayer as being in a solitary place. Some of these places of prayer would be such places as Jesus being in the garden or Him going up into a mountain to pray. When Jesus prayed, He would sometimes send His disciples away and other times He would keep them close by as He prayed (Matthew 14:22 and Matthew 26:36-40). During one of His times of prayer, a disciple observed Him praying and asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. This disciple along with the others never asked Jesus to teach them how to heal the sick, to open the blinded eyes or to speak the word of the Lord with great power and authority. I believe this disciple understood that the prayer life of Jesus was performing miracles and reconciling men back to the Father. He not only saw this in the Life of his Master but the word of God declared that he had some knowledge of John the Baptist also teaching his disciples to pray as well.

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