Genuine Friendships


Have you ever wondered to yourself what happened to those good old fashion friendships of yesterday? When we were growing up as kids there was no PlayStation, no X-Box One or Nintendo Wii for us to play on as children. We were told by our parents to go outside and play with the neighborhood kids, have fun and to be back in the house before the street lights came on. While we as kids were outside playing, our parents would be in the house talking with family relatives, the next door neighbors or with close friends. There would be some days where they would spend hours talking about life, family, or what was going on in the neighborhood. The women would be in the kitchen either preparing lunch or dinner so that later on everybody could sit down together and eat some good home cooked soul food. The adults would be listening to classic R&B music talking either in the living room, back yard or sitting on the front porch. No one judged one another or thought they were better than the next person in the room. If you were a kid and you tried to get in the middle of one of those adult conversations, your mother or father would tell you to stay out of grown folks conversations.

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Bounce Back


Over the last fifteen years, as sports fans, we have seen some amazing comebacks in sports history. In October 2004 the Boston Red Sox became the first team in Major League Baseball to come back being down three games to zero and to win the ALCS against their rival the New York Yankees. After the Red Sox completed those amazing feet, they went on to win their first World Series championship. The Red Sox victory to brought to an end an eighty-six-year championship drought that the city of Boston had previously experienced. In June of 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James won their first NBA Championship in franchise history. The year before the team had lost the NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors. The year they won their first championship, Cleveland wad down three games to one to the defending championships and that year the Golden State Warriors had won a record-breaking 73 and 9 in the regular season. However, the Cavaliers and LeBron James made NBA history by bouncing back to defeat the Warriors four games to three and winning the NBA championship for the team and the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

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Recovering from your storm


As this year draws to a close, our country located in the Southeast region was devastated by two Hurricane storms. In the South and North Carolina states the people were impacted by Hurricane Florence. In the state of Florida in particularly the Florida panhandle area the people in that area were impacted by Hurricane Michael. Also, in 2017 we saw the news reports from CNN on how the city of Houston, Texas and the US territory of Puerto Rico were leveled by the Hurricane storms of Harvey and Maria. In each of these storms, we watch how each of these places did their best to prepare for these storms. They encouraged the people living to evaluate for their safety and to leave their homes and belongs which could not be taken behind. However, though many appeals were made by those in authority for residents to live their homes for their safety there was still a large percentage of stay behind hoping to ride the hurricane out. As the storms made landfall, the winds, rain and the eye of the storm destroyed homes and cause major power outages to those who had survived through category four or five storms.

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