Release Your Gift


Did you know that there are over 7 billion people living on the plant? What is mind-blowing about that statistic is that none of us have the same fingerprints. When the Lord made us male and female in our mother’s womb, we were all uniquely made according to His divine plan. The word of God says in Jeremiah 1:4 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”. No two people have the same identical fingerprints which would help to identify who a person is to someone else. Two people depending upon their ages could both weight the same and maybe even be the same height. However, by the wisdom of God, the Lord did not make us to laugh exactly the same or shed tears in the same emotional way. You cannot even ask someone to think for you when you were created with the ability to think for yourself. A person does not have the ability to walk in your shoes because you have your own journey of life that you must experience for yourself.

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Calm Down


When a crisis happens to us it can sometimes be very upsetting and cause us to have a cloud of uncertainty over us. I remember one time went I went to the eye doctor to have my eyes examined by the optometrist. I had been having some trouble with my vision and it had been over five years since I had my last eye check-up. As the eye doctor was doing her examination of my eyes, she kept noticing that I was having difficulty with my peripheral vision. The eye doctor requested that I take a special eye test which she felt would help her better determine why I was having so much trouble with my eyes. When the results came back from the test, she felt that I was possibly losing my ability to see things or people who were in my peripheral view. The doctor began to discuss with me the possibility that maybe I would have to stop driving because she felt my peripheral vision could be a danger to me being on the road.

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Genuine Friendships


Have you ever wondered to yourself what happened to those good old fashion friendships of yesterday? When we were growing up as kids there was no PlayStation, no X-Box One or Nintendo Wii for us to play on as children. We were told by our parents to go outside and play with the neighborhood kids, have fun and to be back in the house before the street lights came on. While we as kids were outside playing, our parents would be in the house talking with family relatives, the next door neighbors or with close friends. There would be some days where they would spend hours talking about life, family, or what was going on in the neighborhood. The women would be in the kitchen either preparing lunch or dinner so that later on everybody could sit down together and eat some good home cooked soul food. The adults would be listening to classic R&B music talking either in the living room, back yard or sitting on the front porch. No one judged one another or thought they were better than the next person in the room. If you were a kid and you tried to get in the middle of one of those adult conversations, your mother or father would tell you to stay out of grown folks conversations.

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